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When your personal brand is beauty

By UCOL on Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Two women in a salon - UCOL graduate Koralee Tamati and The Edge Beauty salon owner Paula Wade

Katherine Huynh took some time to talk to The Edge Beauty owner Paula Wade, and her newest hire, UCOL Diploma in Beauty Therapy graduate Koralee Tamati.

A mystique of a beauty salon is in part its exclusive nature and the vast menu of treatments designed to enhance a person’s appearance. Does it work? What’s it all for?


If you ever wondered what beauty salons are all about, you only need to look at the complexion of The Edge Beauty owner, Paula Wade. When I caught up with her on a sunny Whanganui winter’s day, I was drawn to ask her secret. 

Appearing hydrated and even-toned, Paula’s skin had an indescribable healthy glow. Without exposing her beauty regime, I can say that Paula lives her brand. She uses the nourishing and restorative products she recommends to her clients, and 18 years of use of the one skin care range is a testament to its efficacy.

Paula’s professional reputation as owner of The Edge Beauty is one that she’s passionate about. Her downtown Victora Avenue location is convenient for her customers, the facilities have a fresh and calm atmosphere, and in her they trust.

Sharing in this trust is Paula’s newest team member, UCOL Diploma in Beauty Therapy graduate, Koralee Tamati.  It’s a surprise hire in a way; usually, Paula would only take on experienced staff, but she was won over by Koralee’s professionalism. 

“She’s passionate and well-trained. Her tutors from UCOL gave her a good reference,” says Paula.

Seven weeks into the role, Koralee is thoroughly enjoying herself. “You learn a lot more on the job. I find it more relaxing. You can be yourself.”

Whilst proficient in all of the standard beauty treatments, Koralee has a passion for waxing. Done right, a professional waxing treatment can give a person a renewed sense of confidence. 

In the ever-changing world of beauty, Koralee is finding opportunities to continually expand her skill set. Next on the list are learning the intricate art of piercing, and the science and application of intense pulsed light therapy, also known as IPL. 

Beauty is an ageless and intangible quality. Those who carry it successfully as a personal brand have a natural appeal. For a beauty therapist, it’s evidenced in their appearance, yet it’s relatable. They’re a person you can ask for advice and soak up their secrets for attaining your own kind of beautiful.