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Vision, Mission and Values

UCOL provides life-changing opportunities for thousands of individuals, and our influence stretches far beyond our campus boundaries: across the globe and into the future.

O Tatou Kitenga | Our Vision

To inspire students, businesses and communities to succeed

Kaupapa |Our Mission

Develop great graduates who make a difference wherever they work in the world

Our vision embraces students, businesses, and communities within a holistic culture that is focused on success. This vision is supported by our mission, which focuses on our students. As a provider of high-quality tertiary education, we want to help every student, domestic and international, to develop their full potential. We are deeply committed to providing the resources and support necessary to equip our students with relevant skills and exceptional work ethic. These attributes enable our students to complete their courses successfully and then play a constructive and positive role in society.

Ngā Uara | Our Values

The team at UCOL have developed a set of Values which reflect what's important to us.  Values are our standards of behaviour that you can expect to see at UCOL.

Kia eke panuku, eke Tangaroa | Excellence

Everywhere we look at UCOL we seek innovation and quality that defines us as a high performing institute. We strive for excellence in our programmes, our teaching methods, our resources and systems and processes. We want to see people excelling at what they do and are proud of what we achieve.

Whanaungatanga | Relationships

Connecting with people and establishing meaningful relationships built on trust and integrity is vital.  Great relationships result in collaboration, partnerships and unity.  At UCOL we embrace diversity and inclusivity of all people.

Te huringa tangata | Transformation

Transformation requires inspiration, and bold, courageous behavior.  We take pride in being a part of the transformation that occurs in our students as they become successful graduates and alumni.  UCOL is always looking at fresh ideas, becoming bigger, better and brighter.

Kia kakamā | Agility

Agility is about us working in many different ways, being adaptable and agile in the way we work with others.  Through engagement, empowerment and innovation we develop deeper understanding and discover new ways of achieving our goals.

Tatou Whāinga | Our Goals

Our Mission is founded on four goals. Building on the solid foundations set in place by over 100 years of success, our goals expand our expectations to match the ambitions of our regional communities.

Individuals choose UCOL as their preferred provider of learning

We are a major provider of tertiary education opportunities for domestic students in our region, and all our qualifications are recognised internationally. Students are the heart of UCOL and we continue to work on initiatives to attract domestic and international students, along with high-calibre staff.

Our students succeed

Seeing our students succeed is the heart of UCOL's kaupapa. We have a continued commitment to improving student success and increasing the number of tauira Māori studying at UCOL.

We collaborate with key stakeholders to find unique solutions and mutually beneficial outcomes

Our close relationships with local schools, iwi, employers, community groups and industries greatly enrich our teaching programmes and the overall UCOL experience. We want to strengthen and deepen our relationships to ensure we produce skilled graduates who can contribute to our regional economies and increase the well-being of local communities.

We are a high performing tertiary education institute

Our commitment to high performance extends across every aspect of our operations to create a sustainable and viable tertiary education institute with skilled and committed staff.

Kia Eke Panuku, Eke Tangaroa | Reaching New Heights - UCOL's Strategy

Our strategic story builds upon the solid foundations set in place by earlier successes and expands them into new directions. It aims to lift our performance, taking a continuous improvement philosophy to the heart of our student learning and teaching.