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Have your say

UCOL students and staff, and the public have an opportunity to shape UCOL. Here are the numerous opportunities to connect, share views and feedback. Feel free to get in touch and have your say.

If you are a UCOL student, here is how you can connect,

  • Become a Class Rep or share your views with your class rep
  • Go along to monthly student meetings on campus
  • Connect with the Students Association on campus
  • Complete the Tōku Reo survey – about 6 weeks after you first start
  • Fill in a compliment and feedback form on the student intranet
  • Participate in programme evaluations
  • Talk to UCOL staff
  • Join UCOL social media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  • Meet with student reps on Academic Committee
  • Put your hand up when opportunities come along

O Week Survey 2021 Week 2021 web.jpg

Each year we survey students to better understand their experience at the Orientation Week (O-Week). See the 2021 results for our Manawatū students' survey.

Student Services Levy 2020 Survey

Two students in front of the information centre.

To consult with students on the Compulsory Student Services Levy (SSL), a survey was circulated to all students in 2020 to gather feedback on the services we offer. The survey gathered opinions on our existing services, including asking which areas students though deserved more or less support. Students also weighed in on how the SSL has benefited their campus specifically.

Student Survey

Two ladies walking together

Each year all students have an opportunity to take part in a survey called, Tōku Reo - My Voice, about UCOL's programmes of study, facilities and services. We use this information to determine areas of focus for improvement. See the survey summary for 2021.

Student Voice 2020 Survey

A photo of UCOL Students in from of UCOL Palmerston North Campus

To understand student’s experiences at UCOL in 2020, we circulated a survey to everyone who studied at UCOL last year. Some of the aspects that we covered for feedback through this survey were student’s overall experience at UCOL, UCOL’s response to COVID-19, and their preferred UCOL communication channels, to name a few.