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Steve Leurink

Illustration Lecturer

Steve Leurink

Steve teaches on the Bachelor of Creative Media. He strives to open his students’ minds to find their creative potential and see that their intent is more than on a surface level when tackling a project. . 

“Students are studying to develop skills, not just for a semester but for a lifetime. When you find your creative muse, you also find continual learning,” says Steve.

“Creative students need to develop a critical eye by establishing an outcome that has been developed through a well-thought-out process of creative thinking, self-experimentation, resolving, and self-assessing to bring to life a visual form that connects with and informs an audience.”

Steve has over 20 years of industry experience encompassing design, advertising, illustrating, airbrushing, screen-printing, and exhibition design. He is well-versed in in both analogue and digital design and illustration, and the philosophies behind each method.

“I see my role as setting my students up for industry, encouraging them to push their ideas and visionary concepts with a professional approach,” says Steve.

“I tell me students to learn everything you can, practice everything you learn, and perfect everything you practice.”

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