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Laura Bradley

Senior Student Success Advisor

A photograph of UCOL Senior Student Success Advisor Laura Bradley.

​An affinity for youth has so far lead Laura Bradley through some really quite unique experiences and into her current role as Senior Student Success Advisor at UCOL.

“It was important to me early on to encourage and be a role model for young Māori as well as youth in the community, that’s what first got me volunteering on the Youth Council in the Wairarapa, I wanted to bring an awareness to young Māori and get them involved.”
“From here it snow balled, because of my volunteer work I was selected to be part of the Tuia Programme, and I was mentored by the Mayor for a year. I grew a lot from the experience and I learnt so much.”

Laura’s focus on youth then continued into the roles she took on, as matron at Solway College, she was there to give support to international students and those living away from home. When the role at UCOL came up with the focus on students who are in Youth Guarantee programmes, as well as the support role for students with disabilities, Laura knew she wanted to apply.

“I have been in this role for eight months and already feel like I am adding value. My role has two focuses – Youth Guarantee, which provides particular support for students aged between 16 to 19 year old and who have disengaged from school and had not achieved at least NCEA level 2, and the other side is focussed on supporting students with disabilities.”

Youth Guarantee sees her meeting with potential students and their families and then supporting them once they are at UCOL to achieve and experience personal growth.

As a coordinator for those with impairments that require support to ensure they are not disabled from studying or participating fully in student life, Laura makes sure UCOL and the facilities are ready to support students before they arrive so their needs are meet and they are empowered to be independent learners.

“I have felt a great deal of satisfaction in this role, and it’s great to be able to support students in their learning when they come UCOL. UCOL is such an important part of our region and I am really proud to work here.”

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