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Heinrigh Beukes

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On completion of Year 13, Heinrigh Beukes, knew he wasn't ready for the workforce quite yet and wanted to do some study. After talking to friends, he decided that the Certificate in Fitting, Welding and Machining* would be a good fit for them all.

At this point they were also told about Youth Guarantee, which offers support and scholarship towards study.

"We were told about the Youth guarantee scholarship and applied, thinking it's worth trying but we probably won't get it as we haven't ever gotten any form of scholarship before. When we were accepted it honestly felt like winning Lotto and meant we could start our course."

"Going into the course I had no work experience but gained plenty of skills while at high school through technology papers and doing projects at home. This based my future in engineering and helping others along the way."

"The course was ideal; it was a hands-on approach to designing and making real things you can use to show your next employer. The course allowed for vast experience to be picked up from industry professionals that have had at least 20 years in their respective sector".

"UCOL had in place so many different systems to help every student get the best out of their time studying. The course gave me many of the skills I needed to present my ideas in the forms of prototypes and technical thinking to help other engineers see why I used the methods I did, and could show how these translated to a real-world situations… I still regard this way of teaching as a real strength of UCOL."

On completion of his course Heinrigh was hooked on learning, so enrolled at Massey University. At the end of 2019 he is looking to graduate with a Bachelor in Mechatronics with Honours.

As well as completing his studies, Heinrigh took the opportunity to take on a Design Engineering job for an international company and looks forward to helping them in the future as a graduated Engineer. The opportunity to complete more study with this company is available and Heinrigh is hoping to complete his Master of Engineering part time and looking to graduate in a couple of years.

"UCOL gave me broad and solid foundation, now at university my projects are among the best in my year group and I always manage to pull something different and new out of the hat, which is why the lecturers at Massey University always want to see all my prototypes and final reports."

"At work, the best part of my job, is that I get to design exciting new medical products that can and will help a lot of people overseas and in third-world countries, as well as working on other projects across the engineering field that are patented."

Hard work, a love of learning and being able to juggle multiple priorities have set Heinrigh up to have a bright future. "Currently I have a job that many engineers dream of and will always up skill myself as an engineer. There is never such thing as done with studying; to be an engineer you need to stay at the forefront of the sector and adapt to change in the world by applying your knowledge to help and guide the world into tomorrow with the best foot forward."


*UCOL now offers three qualifications in this area: the New Zealand Certificate in Mechanical Engineering, the New Zealand Certificate in Engineering Fabrication (Trade) (Level 4), and the New Zealand Certificate in Mechanical Engineering (Trade) (Level 4).

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