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The Institute of Technology and Polytechnic sector is undergoing some changes to create a unified and cohesive vocational education and training system and help New Zealanders prepare for the future of work.


What are the proposed changes?

The New Zealand Government is reforming the vocational education and training system to secure a sustainable future for New Zealand's institutes of technology and polytechnics. UCOL is supportive of the government’s proposal, and whilst changes are now underway at Government level, its business as usual at UCOL with our focus on our students, providing quality vocational education, training and research.

Keep up to date with information here and here.

What will it mean for me?

The Government have clearly stated that learners, and potential learners should continue to study and enrol. Certificates, diplomas, degrees and post graduate options are all a part of the future, and it’s important that if you want to study, that you do.

The changes indicate a bigger, better and brighter future for vocational education in the UCOL rohe.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Find Out More

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The New Zealand Government aims to create a strong, unified vocational education system. Find out about the proposed changes and read the frequently asked questions.

Vocational Education Reform update for international students

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Are you an international student thinking of studying in New Zealand or at UCOL? Make an informed decision by reading about the vocational education sector changes here.