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Employment Application Process

1. Completing your application

You are able to download job descriptions from the UCOL vacancies website. Our job descriptions outline the qualifications and experience we are looking for as well as the expected responsibilities and outcomes of the position.

2. Complete the online application form

An online application form is available via the UCOL vacancies website for you to complete. This is a compulsory step in order for you to be considered alongside other candidates

3. Upload attachments

Please upload your CV, covering letter and any other supporting information that has been requested. Your CV needs to be uploaded with your application for the process to be completed. 

Tip: Convert your documents into PDFs before uploading so that formatting is not affected when the documents are opened. 

4. Submit your application

Once we have received and registered your application, you will receive an acknowledgement by email. 

5. The selection process

As soon as possible after the closing date the shortlisting panel will consider all applications. This process usually takes seven to 10 days. Applicants who are selected for an interview will be contacted by phone. If your application is unsuccessful you will be notified by email. If you live some distance from the campus where the role will be located, we may choose to hold an interview by teleconference.

6. The interview

Interview panels at UCOL can vary in size depending on the role and requirements. At the time of confirming the interview, you will be informed of who and how many people are on the interviewing panel. If you are required to give a presentation, the topic will be provided in advance and standard equipment, such as a computer and a projector, will be available. It may be a requirement of the role that you undertake a medical examination, hearing/eye testing, psychometric testing, attitude/aptitude testing or computer testing. You will be advised of this at the time the interview is arranged.

7. After the initial interview

You may be asked to attend a second interview in order to meet wider members of the team. This will be a more informal interview, however, the team will have questions of their own they may wish to ask. All applicants who were interviewed will be advised by phone of the outcome of their interview. This is usually within two weeks of the final interview. 

8. Reference checking

We may choose to undertake a number of pre-employment checks following the interview process which include: Proof of Identity and Eligibility to work in New Zealand, Reference Checking, Criminal Clearance Check, Academic Qualifications or a Health/Medical Assessment. We will not complete any reference, criminal clearance or health/medical assessment without your consent. Please ensure any referees you supply are aware they may be contacted in this capacity.