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Palmerston North

The following are scholarship opportunities for students of UCOL's Palmerston North campus.

Scholarships closing February/March/April 2018

General Scholarships

  • Andrew Cliff Award - a UCOL staff member must nominate applicants. It's aimed at students who have demonstrated a willingness to support and aid others with their course of study. Up to $1,000. Applications close 28 April 2018.
  • Jaycee Trust Scholarship - Supported by Palmerston North Jaycee Trust in association with Palmerston North City Council, this scholarship is available to students who demonstrate academic merit, interest and leadership in community affairs. Your plans for the future and financial circumstances will be taken into consideration. $1,500. Applications close 28 April 2018.

Arts and Design

  • Frances Irwin Hunt Art Scholarship - available to full-time Māori students studying in the fields of performing or cultural arts. $3,500. Applications close 6 April 2018.

  • Child Forum Men in ECE Invitation Award - This award welcomes men into the early childhood care and education profession. Applicants must be male, studying towards a degree/diploma in early childhood education, and have enrolled within the last 60 days.  $400.
  • TeachNZ Early Childhood Scholarships - Open to people entering study into their initial teaching qualification who have knowledge, understanding and experience of working with Māori or Pasifika communities and want to teach in the early childhood sector.  Course fees and $10,000 over the period of study. Applications close 23 February 2018.
Health and Sciences

    Māori Students

    • Frances Irwin Hunt Art Scholarship - available to full-time Māori students studying in the fields of performing or cultural arts. $3,500. Applications close 6 April 2018.
    • Regina Rudland Memorial Scholarship - available to students of Ngāti Porou descent undertaking study in the field of agriculture or apiculture at level 3 or higher.  $500. Applications close 6 April 2018.
    • Rose Hellaby Bursaries Scholarship Scholarship - available to Māori undergraduate students studying to become qualified or employed in a profession or calling, which includes scientific, mathematical or technical skills.  $1,000. Applications close 6 April 2018.
    • Roy Watling Mitchell Bursaries Scholarship - available to first-year Māori undergraduate students who attended secondary school as a Year 13 student in 2017.  $1,000. Applications close 6 April 2018.
    • Sir Apirana Ngata Memorial Scholarship - available to a full-time Māori undergraduate student, who attended Ngata Memorial College as a Year 13 student in 2017.  $1,000. Applications close 6 April 2018.
    • Sister Annie Henry Scholarship - for the training or education of any direct descendants of Reverand John George Laughton, or of Tūhoe descent.  $700. Applications close 6 April 2018.
    • Ti Maru Māori Trust Prestigious Scholarship - available to Māori graduates enrolled in their final year of study with a record of academic excellence. $5,000. Applications close 6 April 2018.

    Female Students

    Scholarships closing August 2018

    Female students

    • Sir Robert Jones Refugee Daughters' Scholarship - Available to young women from refugee backgrounds to complete a tertiary qualification. Tuition fees will be paid in full through to degree attainment, subject to satisfactory examination results. Hostel accommodation will be paid for the first two years of study if the student attends a tertiary institution outside their home town.
    • Betty Loughhead Soroptimist Scholarship - Available to female students who are New Zealand citizens aged at least 25 years as at 1 September 2018, enrolled in study at UCOL, with a proven record of academic achievement, able to use the scholarship in 2019, and willing to participate in Soroptimist promotional activities. Applications close 31 August 2018.

    Māori Students

    • Māori CPA Australia Scholarship - Available to Māori students with the best-qualified applications based on tertiary academic results and will assist recipients to meet education requirements needed to attain CPA status.

    Scholarships closing September 2018

    General Scholarships

    • Colleen McPherson Memorial Grant - Available to a UCOL student who has a disability or who has a dependant with a disability, and is facing additional costs or exceptional circumstances. $1,000.
    • UCOL Scholarship for Effort and Achievement - Available to a dedicated UCOL student who has demonstrated academic effort and achievement (not necessarily a 'straight A' student). $1,000.

    Trades and Technology

    • Paul McElroy Trades Scholarship - Available to current UCOL students undertaking a trades programme who are facing financial hardship and/or exceptionally challenging circumstances. $1,500 - $3,000.

    Māori Students

    Scholarships closing October 2018

    Trades and Technology

    More scholarships

    • Central Energy Trust Bursaries - available to New Zealand citizens or permanent residents residing in the Manawatu/Tararua region who are commencing their first year of tertiary study in 2019. Candidates will be assessed based on a combination of factors including academic record, participation in cultural, sport or community activities, future leadership potential and financial need. A higher weighting on school academic performance will apply. Up to $15,000.