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Tricia Falkner

Programme Leader for Creative Industries

Tricia Falkner

Tricia Falkner is the Programme Leader of the Creative Industries. She looks after the students and staff so they can grow to be the best they can be, while ensuring academic standards are maintained. Tricia is also a Senior Lecturer in the Bachelor of Creative Media, specialising in photography and Industry Immersion/business.

Tricia’s photographic career started as a darkroom technician  before she progressed through the ranks to become an experienced photographic specialist.

While portraiture is her speciality, Tricia has been fortunate enough to experience a range of jobs in the industry including wedding, scientific, and medical photography, as well as photographic sales. Additionally, she worked as a photographic technician and ran her own portrait business for 15 years

In 2001, Tricia entered into the education arena by joining the team at UCOL. She has since taught UCOL programmes covering Photography, Visual Imaging, Graphic Design, Fashion, Fine Arts, and Foundation Studies.

As a multiple New Zealand Institute Professional Photography Award-winner, Tricia has showcased her work at exhibitions throughout the country and been able to express her creativity alongside colleagues and students.

“I love to push boundaries and explore areas where I fear I may fall. It’s all part of being a creative,” says Tricia.

Tricia is known for her love of things dead and skeletal, looking at things in a weird way, and for being there when students need help figuring things out. Study can be challenging and fresh eyes  on a project helps students learn and grow.

Tricia is an excellent creative thinker, using the design thinking principles of user experience while taking the practical side into consideration as well.

“I laugh at my profile outcome of 50% creative – 50% logic – straight down the middle. I credit this 50/50 split to enjoying being really creative, while being able to manage the programme leading and business aspects as well.”

Tricia’s passion in education is continually enhanced by the students she works with.

“They inspire me every day; what they can come up with, where their ideas comes from, and what they are able to push through. My aim is that one day they will be my colleagues in the creative industries world and we will share our creative thinking and industry experiences.”


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