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Steve Griffin

Wairarapa Campus Deputy Director Operations

Steve Griffin

Steve Griffin joined the UCOL team to be part of something special.

Steve took on the role of Wairarapa Campus Deputy Director Operations in early 2020 after years of working in the electricity industry. He was Head of Retail Operations for Powershop NZ for over a decade, helping grow the company from the ground up. Steve also helped set up Powershop’s service centre in Masterton, which has added over 100 jobs to the Wairarapa.

Now as Deputy Director Operations, Steve oversees a lot of the non-academic functions and activities on UCOL’s Wairarapa campus including facilities management, project management, Student Success, health and safety, community engagement, and marketing. Steve also oversees the campus’ U-Skills programmes for secondary school students.  

Steve says the job appealed to him because it’s an opportunity to help UCOL Wairarapa grow.

“We want to build our own story and make something special here; whilst not forgetting where it all started. It’s about growing the institute and the brand, and what I call ‘being part of the barbecue conversation’. “When people in the Wairarapa talk about tertiary education, I want them talking about what we do at UCOL and how we will support the community to meet our economic and social needs”

Originally from the Waikato, Steve has called Masterton home for the past 15 years and enjoys the small town lifestyle.    

“The people are lovely and friendly. I love that it’s not a city, I love that my office is just down the road. It’s central and it’s a good place to bring your family up.”

Steve wants potential students to know that they’ll be well supported when they join the UCOL Wairarapa family.

“You’ll be valued as a student. You’re not just a number. You’ll be joining the UCOL whānau and part of a community that cares about you and wants you to achieve your goals. We want to make your experience something you’ll talk about.”

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