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Laura Papple

Bachelor of Design and Arts Student

Bachelor of Design and Arts Student on campus

After completing a Certificate in Art and Design in 2013, Laura Papple eagerly awaited the launch of Whanganui UCOL’s new Bachelor of Design and Arts in 2015 to develop her skills as an artist.

Now part-way through the Degree, Laura says it was worth the wait.

“Doing something you love every day, with people who have the same passion and are pushing you to do better is amazing. I’ve wanted to be an artist since I was little. Now having finished my first year I know for sure this is what I want to do.”  

Core papers in the Bachelor of Design and Arts cover the three options that students can go on to major in; Visual Arts, Textile/Fashion Design and Computer Graphic Design. The papers teach the introductory elements to each discipline, providing a strong, transferable skill base to students that aligns with changing industry needs.

“The core papers have opened my eyes to the other options in the Design and Art world,” Laura says. “It is really good for us as students, and as creative people, to learn more about what others are doing.” 

Laura says this exposure to other options really added value to her first year of study.

“For a while I even considered changing my focus to Computer Graphic Design, which was a big surprise to me as I have always had a strong visual arts focus, being pushed out of my comfort zone is the best thing for me.”

Laura’s new enthusiasm for computer graphic design and her experience with the tools of the trade will no doubt help her in the future.

“The skills that I have gained in design, especially using Photoshop and Illustrator, will really help me to enter industry. I’ve been loving the criss-cross between disciplines, and I know that if a client asked me to do something, I would be able to figure it out.”  

In her first year, Laura also produced massive abstract wallpaper paintings, played with oil paint, printmaking and cutting mirrored glass in sculpture, all under the watchful eye of her industry experienced lecturers.

Laura believes that the Certificate in Art and Design was a great taster for the Bachelor of Design and Arts. 

“Studying arts at Whanganui UCOL in 2013 gave me an idea of what to expect and I worked hard to make sure my grades started me in the right direction for a degree level qualification.”

After completing the three year degree in 2017, Laura hopes to realise her dream of becoming an Artist in Residence, or heading on to complete a teaching qualification.


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