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Joey Tai

Lecturer - Infrastructure Works

UCOL Te Pūkenga lecturer Joey Tai

​Joey Tai has spent the past two years helping students at the UCOL Te Pūkenga Horowhenua and Whanganui campuses complete their New Zealand Certificate in Infrastructure Works. 

“I see students growing into professionals in one of New Zealand’s most important industries. Developing New Zealand’s roads and infrastructure is a big industry here in New Zealand.”

Joey is originally from Gisborne and has been in Manawatu for twenty years, working in infrastructure for six of those years. He is enjoying his time seeing what his students can achieve, who come from a range of backgrounds and training. 

“We are here to help our people, trying to lead them into a better future, on a better journey. I’ve always wanted to lead our young people, to take the time to make a change in people’s lives. I’ve learnt a lot of skills in life and you’ve got to pass them down.” 

“At this point I’ve got my students going out with Higgins crew gaining work experience. I find that how you talk to students matters.  They come in as young adults and need to be taught as young adults. To prepare for professional industry work they need to be prepared to learn and my goal is to help them get there. I take my work here day-by-day and with pride in what is happening at UCOL Te Pūkenga, I find that we are all working towards the same goal.”

This programme goes for fifteen weeks and 2018 is the second year it’s been going at the Horowhenua campus. It’s a good footstep in the door into Infrastructure Works.”

UCOL Te Pūkenga also Partner with Downers Group both in Whanganui and Tararua, the programme delivery has been very successful with a high percentage of students gaining fulltime employment.

“I’ve been teaching here for a year and two months. I don’t like it, I love it. The most rewarding part of my job is seeing my students achieving in what they’re doing, seeing them grow.” 

Joey would encourage prospective students with an interest in roadworks to give the course a go and surprise themselves with how much they can achieve and also how rewarding the job can be. 

“You have to have the willingness to learn, a good attitude goes a long way. Have a goal. Leave your personal stuff at the door. Come in to learn.” 

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