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Dr Minjie Hu

Senior Lecturer - Information and Communications Technology

A photograph of UCOL Expert and Senior Lecturer Dr Minjie Hu

Dr Minjie (Min) Hu is Senior Lecturer - Information and Communication at UCOL, teaching advanced programming, software process, data analytics and intelligence, and system analysis and design.

Dr Hu is an active researcher in Information Communication Technology (ICT) education. On ResearchGate he has 10 research items with 192 citations. His research interest includes Computer Science Education, Accounting Information Systems, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence. 

In order to motivate and engage student learning, he has made many efforts in previous research by setting strategies of teaching adult students (Hu, 2003); using a small set of computer language and visualisation (Hu, 2004); using games (Hu, 2007, 2008); and integrating programming paradigms (Hu, 2005, 2006, 2009). 

For the assessment of the first-year students’ performance in programming, he collaborated with researchers in New Zealand, Australia, and the United States for the evaluation of students’ performance in the papers of revised Blooms’ taxonomy (Thompson et al. 2008), SOLO taxonomy (Clear et al. 2009), and benchmarking (Sheard et al. 2014).   

Dr Hu’s PhD thesis (Hu, 2015) and relevant research (Hu, et al. 2012, 2013, 2014) take a further step towards this goal of engaging and supporting first-year students in the domain of computer education. His PhD research proposed to build up scaffolding for novices, comprising three key components:
  1. Using experts’ knowledge and strategies of problem solving;
  2. Providing detailed guidance in a well-designed process; and
  3. Offering immediate feedback in a visual programming environment.

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