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New Zealand Diploma in Business - Online

New Zealand Diploma in Business - Online

Level 5

Develop your business skills and learn what it takes to succeed in the New Zealand business sector with UCOL’s New Zealand Diploma in Business - Online.

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Quick info

Level: 5

Locations: Online

Duration: 9 weeks per course (study at your own pace)

Monthly intakes

Domestic Fees: *
$595 (per course); $4760 (Total programme)Scholarship info

International Fees:*
Not applicable.

Additional Fees
Compulsory course costs may apply.

* Fees are indicative only, and are inclusive of the student services levy and GST (goods and services tax). The fee shown is for one year of study.

Contribute to the strategic objectives of any organisation by applying the skills learnt in UCOL's New Zealand Diploma in Business- Online.

Choose to focus on Accounting, Administration and Technology, Leadership and Management or Sales and Marketing.

The Accounting focuswillqualify you to gain the Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand (CAANZ) Accounting Technician (AT) designation.

Study this qualification online with eCampus NZ.

 Career & Study Outcomes

On completion of this programme you will be ready to take on a range of careers and will have the skills and knowledge to be employed in a variety of business entities in roles such as:

  • Accounts assistant
  • Accounts payable administrator
  • Accounting technician
  • Finance administrator 
  • Human resource manager
  • Management assistant
  • Middle management role
  • Operations leader
  • Payroll administrator
  • Team leader

To find out more about possible job prospects and salaries, see Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment's Occupation Outlook for Managers and Accountants.

Education pathway

In just one year, you will gain an industry-valued business qualification that will also serve as an ideal stepping stone for further business degree studies. This diploma provides one year of credit toward UCOL’s Bachelor of Applied Management degree.


 Course Information

Note: As a subsidiary of Te Pūkenga - New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology, UCOL is committed to providing the best learning outcome for you. As part of this, all programmes are currently being reviewed to make them portable, consistent, and closely aligned with the needs of the industry. When published, this course information is correct, but the courses offered may change over time. If you have any questions call an Enrolment Advisor on 0800 468 265.

From 2023, UCOL and the programme you have enrolled in will become part of Te Pūkenga. So, if you join UCOL in 2023, you will be awarded Te Pūkenga certification. And, if you are a current learner graduating in 2023, you will be awarded a co-branded certificate.

This programme conisists of 120 credits. Your studies will depend on your chosen area of focus - Accounting, Administration and Technology, or Leadership and Management. The courses includes:


Business Environments (15 Credits)
Learn legal and economic principles to succeed in business, gain an understanding of the wider business environment, and learn how to manage risk.

Business Functions (15 Credits)
Learn how core business functions contribute to smooth operating of a business and its long-term success.

Organisations in a New Zealand Context (15 Credits)
Gain a clear understanding of the New Zealand business environment, professional and ethical behaviour, and the bi-cultural nature of New Zealand business.

Understanding Change (15 Credits)
Successful businesses are constantly looking to innovate and enact change to ensure sustainability. Learn how to contribute to that process and play a role in identifying innovation and change.


Accounting Focus

Analysis of Financial Information (15 Credits)
Learn how to integrate financial and non-financial information into the strategic planning process and understand debtor risk.

Applied Accounting (15 Credits)
Learn how to prepare and present financial reports, gain a working understanding of the accounting profession's Code of Ethics, and learn about processing a wide range of transactions.

Budgets for Planning and Control (15 Credits)
Learn how to prepare and use budgets to enhance business decision making and problem solving.

Introduction to Accounting and Taxation (15 Credits)
Learn about accounting concepts, income statements, statements of changes in equity, cash flow, balance day adjustments, and periodic and historic cost. You'll also gain an understanding of the tax rules and how to apply them.


Administration and Technology Focus

Administration Services (15 credits)
Learn how to plan, organise and manage business administration functions, operations and/or projects to support your management team. Gain experience using a broad range of technologies and tools, and how to select the right programmes and equipment for the task at hand. Learn how to manage your time and enhance your professionalism.

Administration Systems, Processes and Projects (15 credits)
Learn how to manage, analyse and evaluate administrative systems and processes so you can make sound recommendations and improvements.

Business Information Management (15 credits)
Learn how to produce excellent communications.

Business Technologies (15 credits)
Learn to research and analyse new and emerging business technologies and apply knowledge of those technologies to support the operations and management within a business entity.

Leadership and Management Focus

Business Planning (15 credits)
Learn to formulate a business plan.

Leadership (15 credits)
Reinforce and refresh your leadership skills, and learn how to implement change.

Managing Projects (15 credits)
Learn to effectively manage a project.

Operational Management and Compliance (15 credits)
Learn to apply techniques to improve operational management and compliance.

Sales and Marketing

Introduction to Marketing and Sales (15 credits)
Understand the key marketing and sales principles and processes in the contemporary business environments.

Buyers Behaviour (15 credits)
Learn how to apply buyer behaviour principles and processes in marketing and sales context.

Market and Sales Intelligence (15 credits)
Learn how to prepare and present market and sales intelligence to support management decision making on existing and emerging market and sales issues.

Essential Skills for Marketing and Sales (15 credits)
Learn how to apply communication skills and tactical marketing activities in a range of marketing contexts.

Human Resources Courses

Introduction to Human Resources (15 credits)
Gain the expertise to help people deliver their job, understand and manage human resources in a knowledgeable yet people-friendly way.

Introduction to Health and Safety Management (15 credits)
Learn about the Health and Safety legislation in New Zealand and understand how to apply it effectively in the workplace.

Change and HR Initiatives (15 credits)
Restructures and changes in culture can have a significant impact on workplace productivity and morale. Learn about the tools to identify and apply change and then review the impact and effectiveness of the process.

People and Development (15 credits)
Learn about the tools that will help you develop the skill base in an organisation.

Project Management

Project Management Principles (15 credits)
Understand the fundamental project management principles, attributes, and the project management lifecycle.

Project Management Tools (15 credits)
Learn the project management tools, including a range of software and understand how to use the tools to gain maximum advantage and effect.

Project Management Methodologies (15 credits)
Gain the base knowledge to understand Project Management methodologies or frameworks best meets your specific requirements to ensure successful project delivery.

Applied Project Management (15 credits)
Gain knowledge and real life expertise by leading a project and project team and put your new-found knowledge to the test.

 Domestic Entry Requirements

Applicants under 20 years of age

  • A minimum of 14 Numeracy Credits at Level 1 or higher in Mathematics or Pangarau on the Directory of Assessment Standards, and
  • Fifty credits at Level 2 or above with at least 12 Credits in each of three subjects including a minimum of 8 Literacy credits at Level 2 or higher in English or Te Reo Māori; of which 4 Credits must be in Reading and 4 Credits must be in writing.
  • The Literacy Credits will be selected from a schedule of approved achievement standards and unit standards found on the NZQA website at Literacy requirements for University Entrance.

or equivalent to the above.

Applicants 20 years or over

For applicants 20 years or over, there are no minimum academic requirements. However, applicants will need to provide their curriculum vitae detailing any relevant work experience and academic achievements. This information will used to assess whether the applicant is likely to successfully complete the New Zealand Diploma in Business Programme.

Special Entry

In exceptional circumstances, an applicant under the age of 20 years who does not meet the academic entry requirements may be granted entry to the New Zealand Diploma in Business where they supply evidence of their ability to succeed on the New Zealand Diploma in Business programme.


For more information about NCEA Credits see UCOL's NCEA explained page.

 International Entry Requirements

Not applicable.

 Advice & Guidance

This programme is designed for those who want to work in an operational role in a New Zealand business. It is suitable for graduates of New Zealand Certificates in Business.

Studying at your own pace
It's possible to study a course at a time. Each course costs $579.50. There are eight courses in total. Each is nine weeks in duration. It's recommended that you allocate 16.5 hours per week towards studying a course.

Recognition of prior learning
Applications for Recognition of Prior Learning, including Cross Credit, Credit Transfer and Assessment of Prior Learning may be made on the Recognition of Prior Learning Form where a student believes all learning outcomes for a course have already been met. Applications will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis in accordance with the UCOL Academic Statute and other relavant policies and procedures.

Application checklist
It will make the process easier if you prepare the following before you apply:

  • National Student Number (NSN) (If you don't have a NSN, you may request one from NZQA, or you can supply a verified copy of your birth certificate, passport or Whakapapa statement.)
  • Evidence of your highest level of academic achievement (and evidence of prior learning, if applicable)
  • Evidence that you meet the entry requirements of the programme
  • Check if you're eligible for additional support or a scholarship. If you're 19 years or younger, you may be eligible to enrol in one of our free Youth Transition programmes.

Note that you will need to provide any verified documents in person, via post or email (not via the online application form).


The programme is approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority under the provisions of the Education and Training Act 2020, and Universal College of Learning Limited, a subsidiary of Te Pūkenga is accredited to teach it.