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UCOL Educational Performance Results

By UCOL on Tuesday, 10 September 2019

The Tertiary Education Commission has released 2018 educational performance results of all Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics across the country.  UCOL out-performed the sector average in three out of the four key indicators. 

Ranking second highest in the country for two of the key measures, qualification completion rates at UCOL in 2018 were 67%, well ahead of the sector average of 52%, and first year retention rates are 74% at UCOL compared to an average of 63% in the sector.  First year retention rates are the proportion of learners who completed a qualification in 2018 and re-enrolled with UCOL in 2019. 

Student progression rates for study at levels 1-4 are 41% at UCOL, fourth in the country ahead of the 34% sector average.  UCOL's course completion rate is 76% compared to a sector average of 81%.  Progression is the proportion of students in 2018 who continued study at a higher level after completing a level 1-4 qualification.  Course completions are the proportion of individual courses or papers completed in 2018. 

UCOL Chief Executive Dr Lynn said these results mean students at UCOL are doing well, that UCOL is performing at a high level relative to its peers, and employers, students and industry can have continued confidence in the Institute. 

"UCOL teaching staff and student support services are skilled at what they do, and I commend their contribution to the results.  Our students are committed to doing well, our staff are skilled and talented professionals, and our graduates tell us that UCOL prepared them for work.  For example, recently we spoke with a registered nurse at MidCentral DHB who trained at UCOL, and she was full of praise for the training and support she received, and doing the job that she loves. With that being said, we want to do even better and intend to become a Category 1 Institute in 2021."