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UCOL Alumni Awards

With over 100 years as a leading education provider and polytechnic UCOL has a mass of impressive graduates and links to the community. UCOL's Alumni Awards recognise the contribution of our graduates and alumni. 

UCOL Alumni Achievement Award
This award may be granted for significant accomplishments by a UCOL alumni, in their business or professional life. Demonstrated by making a contribution to business/industry; stand out in their chosen profession; shows success in their occupation or chosen endeavours.

UCOL Alumni Service Award
This award may be granted for specific and meritorious service by a UCOL alumni to the community or nation. Demonstrated by making an outstanding contributions to the community at large including assistance to disadvantaged groups or individuals; shows a demonstrated commitment to service through an interest in bettering the lives of others.

UCOL Young Alumni Award
This award may be granted to an alumnus aged 35 or younger at time of nomination, for significant accomplishments in business or professional life or for service to the community or nation. Demonstrated by having dedicated time to work with the community/society or individuals; shows leadership skills and demonstrates forward planning for their current and future success.

UCOL Special Alumni Award
This award may be granted as an overall winner from the three categories, and will be selected and awarded the UCOL Special Alumni Award. Demonstrated by significant and on-going contributions to business or professional life, as well as meritorious service to the community or nation; continued involvement or support to UCOL; excellent leadership skills, thought leadership; respected and recognised in their field of expertise

Nominate someone for a UCOL Alumni Award

Nominations are closed at present for the UCOL Alumni Awards. Keep an eye out in 2020 for details of how to nominate someone you know.