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UCOL Brand Story

With over 100 years of professional and technical training experience across the lower North Island, UCOL continues to play a leading role in the nation’s development from a fledgling country into an influential trading partner on the world stage. He tāngata, he tāngata, he tāngata. It is the people who have passed through UCOL over this time, in search of new skills and career choices, who have led us to where we are today. We value whanaungatanga, long lasting relationships that stand the test of time, and a truly collaborative approach.

UCOL Logo - Ako ā hapori

Ako ā hapori : Learning Connections

The half crescent in UCOL’s logo, used until October 2020, has evolved into two linking half circles, symbolising the importance of connections and the greater strength of a chain when more than one link occurs. Symbolising ako ā hapori, or learning connections with students, employers, staff, businesses, and industries, the tōhu is also strengthened through colour. Orange brings energy and is welcoming, complimenting the purple text (shown later) which signifies wisdom.


UCOL Logo - Mangōpare

 Mangōpare : Hammerhead Shark

We are inspired by the story of Mangōpare and how this resonates with our community. This design represents Mangōpare, the hammerhead shark, a symbol of strength, courage, tenacity, agility, and determination. This stylised Mangōpare pattern is used in conjunction with UCOL’s ako ā hapori tōhu


Te Pae Mātauranga ki te Ao

  • Pae Mātauranga - striving for education excellence or reaching for goals
  • ki te Ao – is about being open, where people have universal access
  • Traditionally the pae was the horizon that the ancient waka sailed towards when searching for land.

In the UCOL context Te Pae Mātauranga ki te Ao means ‘horizons of knowledge to the world’.

UCOL Colours

The colour purple combines the stability of blue and the energy of red.  It represents ambition and wisdom.
The welcoming orange combines the optimism of yellow and the energy of red, representing health and vitality.