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Student intranet refresh

During a two week period in May/June 2017 current UCOL students were invited to contribute to an online survey about the student intranet. The feedback is the first step towards determining the scope of the proposed student intranet refresh.

The survey link was sent out via email by AS@U, posted on AS@U’s Facebook page, featured on Message of the Day on each campus, and linked from the student intranet.

The survey 

Whether students use UCOL’s student intranet
  • 85 students responded who use the intranet
What students use the intranet for
  • Students said: print credit; checking dates/timetables; webmail; library resources; Moodle; SWS
Ideas for improving the intranet
  • Our students gave so many useful insights and great ideas. A common theme was modernising the intranet and making things easy to find
  • Students also asked for contact details for their tutors and lecturers.

What's next

We're taking our students' ideas and are working on some visuals for a fresh student intranet, which we'd like to show in September 2017. Looking forward to being in touch.

Have your say

If you're a student who didn't get a chance to have your say, feel free to get in touch so that you can be involved in the next stage.

Contact: Katherine Huynh, Web Coordinator
Email: k.huynh@ucol.ac.nz
Phone: 06 925 7001 extn 70312